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Advanced servo control technology

Hybrid integrated circuits

Safety mechanism drives opening in case objects getting caught in doors during closing.

The entrance to a company is as important as a person's face in setting first impressions. Indo - Germa automatic doors are the doors of choice for giving your customers the very best impression. Indo - Germa automatic doors are a pleasure to use: easy, safe and economical too, greatly reducing your air-conditioning cost.

Indo - Germa designs and manufactures automatic doors and all related accessories to the highest possible standards. Based on the concepts of Silence, Strength and Smoothness, every single detail in the manufacturing process is strictly controlled to guarantee top performance, safety and reliability.

Intelligence Operation

Microprocessor control system responses to weight of sliding door or path on the most appropriate preprogrammed speed of opening & closing, slow speed for stopping, time delay in operation. Installation & Operation of the autodoor system are simple.

Hanging bracket are adjustable to minimize the resistance to the door movement. Upon power failure, autodoor can be opened manually by pushing door to one side with less than 4.5Kgf. For unlevelled door, adjusting the screws on the hanging brackets will rectify the problem, avoiding the hassle of dismantling the doors.

Energy Saving

Full opening or half opening of sliding doors are allowed subject to the site requirement.

Brushless DC Motor minimizes the operating noise. In addition, energy saving, vibration resistance, high rotation speed, high torque and built in transformer allowed the use of auto door system continuously without overheating.

Even after the doors are closed, controller is still direct motor at low speed to ensure doors closed tightly so that they are not opened by disturbances such as strong wind. These features ensure dust & leakage of cool air are minimized.

Safety Features

The stopping function is based on motor car high tech full proofed ABS control system.

If doors were hit and roller came out of track, controller will automatically cut the electricity supply to motor. Upon repair, the system will go back to normal.

Auto reverse function upon hitting an object thus reducing incidence of hurt or damage.

While opening or closing is in process, auto reverse function coupled with memory will allow operation stop short of object.

Come with cable & terminal for optional electronic lock connection.

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