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Unique In Design - Panel Glide, From the makers of the famous Indo Germa roller Door, comes a revolutionary alternative in garage doors - the raised panel sectional overhead Indo Germa Panel - Glide. The new panel - Glide uses a modern design concept which comprises a number of hinged rigid sections which slide overhead. The door is very lightweight and easy to operate with its track and roller system plus accurate torsion spring balancing. Advanced technology is used in the production of this strong and versatile panel door to provide new levels of performance and style, ultimately enhancing your homes street appeal.

Superb Styling The panel concept and technology developments have allowed new styling opportunities which are fully utilized in the Indo Germa Panel - Glide door. Panel - glide features the latest raised panel design providing an appearance similar to expensive custom built solid timber panelling. This superb styling is achieved in polyester COLORBOND steel without the disadvantages in maintenance, life-span and cost often associated with timber products. This high performance door can be supplied in a smooth or rough sawn woodgrain textured finish.

Quality and Value by Design : The Indo Germa Panel - Glide is produced to the highest standards of quality built by the state of the art machinery using advanced technology and unique computer controlled equipment.

An Australian made product the Indo Germa Panel-Glide is inherently stronger than most other sectional doors due to the use of this latest technology. This results in a slimmer but stronger panel section presenting a more balanced appearance.

Indo - Germa GTS Remote Control

GTS Security: Just one security feature of the Indo Germa GTS is that power is de- activated when the door is closed. This locks the chain in to place effectively preventing forced entry. Other features include automatic closing after pre-set times and easy connection with home security systems, including the remote control disabling circuit to isolate the door from use. An automatic courtesy light, with easy connection to mains garage lights, can be set for 90 seconds or simply extended to 5 minutes.

GTS Security Coded: This revolutionary new Glide- a-Code transmitter uses a UHF radio frequency that after each transmission the handset and control box roll to a new window within a combination range of over 2 billion codes.

The Glide-a-code handset is one of the most secured in the world, and will ensure that your Indo Germa GTS operator will not be activated by another transmitter. Minuscule in size the Glide-a-code handset can operate up to three remote roller doors and fix neatly on to a keyring.

Although it is recommended for safety and security reasons that the door be in view before activating, the transmitter has a range of up to 50 m.

GTS Safe: We have taken safety one step further by fully enclosing the chain. Now, all components of the system are safely housed within the cover. Of course, the low operating voltage is a safety feature in itself. Other safety features are the automatic reversing of the door when an obstacle is deducted, an overload cut - out if the door is jammed, and immediate braking in case of power failure. All electrical component are fully contained in engineered frame retardant plastics. A time out circuit is also incorporated to prevent motor burn-out should the door be electrically functioned when in manual mode.

GTS Quiet: Simply speaking, the Indo Germa GTS is as quiet as can be. The low-voltage ( 24Volt ) motor is rated at 250 Watts ( 1/3 hp) continuously rated.

GTS Compact: The Indo Germa GTS is remarkably compact. The unit is about the size of a shoe box with the fully enclosed chain extension housed within a tough aluminium shaft. With all components in the one housing, the need for a separate control box on the wall is eliminated.