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Industrial Shutter


Rolling Shutter

Industrial Shutter


Security Shutter

Self-locking Aluminium Roller Shutters for high security applications

Unique design

Door automatically locks when fully closed, without the need for a physical lockset. Any attempt to lift the door will cause the door Gurtain to wedge at the guides The greater the upward lifting force applied, the tighter the wedge, Hence, it is practically impossible to lift up the shutter by force. Very effective against looting and all forms of forced entry.

Industrial Shutter

1 Inspection lid for case

2. Case

3.Automatic closing apparatus

4. Machinery case

5, EGO-0 type operator

6. Magnetic switeth (MS)

7. Limit switch fL$2)

8: Opening to take out a thain for manual operation

9 Lintel

10.Chalin for marnual eperation

11Fuse apparatus

2usibutton svwiteh: tPB

13Bottem bar

14. Guide rail

15. Slat