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Motorised Sliding Gate

Swing Type Gate

Sliding Type Gate

Swing Type Gate


Glider Gate is an electronic gate opening system that allows you to open and close your gates : factory gates, house gates - single or double leaf - with hand held remote.

Operate the gates from the comfort of your car, giving you easy access, privacy and security.

Standard Features

•Glider gate operates with a specially coded radio signal sent from the hand transmitter to the control unit inside the gates. Gear box operated radius arms swing the gates open (or shut).

•The gates are equipped with an unique central locking system for complete security.

•Both inward and outward swinging gates can be operated with units mounted inside the gate posts.

•The system incorporates a simple disengagement for manual operation in the event of a power failure.

Designed to operated all types of gates

•Auto close (Gate automatically closes in the event of not closing it.)

•Safety features include an adjustable electronic detection and stop function. In the event of an obstruction, the unit is protected by an electronic overload cutout.

Options Available

•Extra transmitters (1 & 2 buttons)

•Key switch Remote push Button

•Battery back-up

•External light timer

•Glider Gate can be integrated into your own security system

i.e. Burglar alarm etc.(Not supplied by the manufacturer)


1 Year for electronic parts and 2 years for mechanical parts.



State of the art Technology Innovation

•Its high technology and reliability ensure excelle performance for the customer

•Not only it can ensure the safety of the household but it at! helps to resolve the hassle of getting into their driveway.

•We are a complete manufacturing company starting fro design, assembly and final testing of auto gale and au door systems.

•We are one-stop house for all accessories and spare parts

It was more than 20 years ago when Indo - Germa start‹ doing auto gate system business. The reason which lndo Germa decided to enter into this line was because our compai had noticed that the standard of living has been raising.

This so much so that we are living in the technology age whe people are pursuing higher standard of living, thus we belie that auto gate system would be a necessity instead of a luxu in the future. Our vision has proven fruitful and we are nc capturing lion share of the market and is one of the leader this field.

With the state of art technology that we are using, it will provi‹ the most convenience to different households. Just imagin you would not have the hassle of getting in and out of yo driveway especially during the rainy days, winter season even better, your kids would not get wet if you are fetchir them from school. Furthermore, we believe that some famiIi‹ who live along the hill slope will find it very useful because th‹ do not have to get down from their vehicles to open the gate their driveway which is pretty troublesome. As for the workir people, after a day of hard work, you would like to rush ba‹ home to get a good rest without the fuss of getting in and out the car to open and close the gate.

How reliable is our system?

Our company would like to computerize the whole producti‹ and to have our very own specially designed CNC machine f. producing auto gate system. lndo - Germa auto gate system cater to the lifestyle of the local people as well as oversea Right now our company is going on internet, and we hope reach out to more overseas•dealer to expand our oversee market.

1. Power Supply : 220 - 240V + 10% SOHZ

2. I¥lotor Speed : 1250 rpm

3.Operating Thrust : 370N

4.Maximum Weight of Gate : 1600 kg (E1) 800 kg (Et

5.Opening Speed : 1Om / min

6.Noise : <65dB

7.Gear - drive

8.The self-locking electromechanical gear motor keep the gate completely closed motor torque adjustment

9.Emergency release key in case of power failure

10.Heat protection and waterproof