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High Speed Fabric Roll-up Doors
Affordable upward-acting
fabric doors for rapid opening and closing of entrances

Fast-acting roll-up doors are commonly used for entrances in temperature-controlled premises and clean rooms to facilitate the passage of materials. The main function of these doors is to close the openings as quickly as possible. As these doors are usually subject to frequent operations, the maintenance cost had to be an important factor of consideration. Indo - Germa Swift is not only affordable, its modular design makes parts replacement simple. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution, with all the features that you will probably need.

Compact self-supporting structure - the door posts and header is fabricated from galvanized steel. With the posts fixed to the wall, it forms a self-supporting structure for the entire door.

Door curtain in modular panels - this give flexibility in your curtain design eg choice of number of visions panels and colors. The curtain panels, joined by full-width aluminium transoms, are easy to assemble and replace. These transoms also enhanced the ability of the door to withstand greater difference in positive or negative pressures from each side of the entrance, which is a common concern with fabric doors.

Counterbalanced system - the curtain is balanced by counterweights concealed in the door post. Apart from assisting the motor operator during normal operation of the door, counterbalancing also allows the door to be manually opened during power failure. A release lever is provided to disengage the motor, after which the door can be lifted with the help of the counterweights.

Safety-edge included as standard - A pneumatic switch connected to the bottom weather seal acts as a safety edge that will immediately reverse a closing door upon contact with an obstruction. Connection to the control box is via a cable chain concealed within the door post, hence no external spiral cable is needed.

3-phase high-cycle electric motor operator, built for rapid door operations, with integrated gear reduction, brakes and limit switches.

Compact automation system with pre-wired electrical connections that makes wiring fast, easy and error-free. The automation system is CE-listed, designed and built in compliance with applicable safety requirements as set out in Machinery Directive 89/392/CEE, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/CEE and Low-tension Directive 73/23/CEE.